Measure the impact of video collaboration on your organization.

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Operational Intelligence. Business Intelligence. vAnalytics™.

Never before have organizations been able to correlate the value of video communications to their organization – until now.

Vyopta vAnalytics™ is a true analytics package that enables users to measure, trend and understand the use, capacity, quality and value of their video communications investment.

Unlike management and reporting packages that present data, vAnalytics™ applies unique data collection and processing methodologies to deliver comprehensive, accurate and timely information and insight about video communications usage and assets.

More Data.

vAnalytics™ collects data from the video network infrastructure – MCU’s, gateways, gatekeepers, management systems and unified communications managers – to provide a 360° view of your video environment.

Better Information.

Using advanced business rules, vAnalytics™ cleanses and unifies data to present relevant information: high level analysis and detailed, drill-down views into call patterns and trends, endpoint utilization, infrastructure use and capacity, service levels and quality of experience.

Greater Insight.

Empower your team to make data-driven decisions. Know system performance today and plan for tomorrow. With vRating™ scoring, you gain a quick assessment of the overall video network effectiveness while highlighting key areas that warrant action.

Try vAnalytics™ today in your environment and see video differently.

vAnalytics™ Screen Shots

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  • Jabber Video License View> </a>
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